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Ballerina Awards

At the start of the house fair 2015 the first Ballerina Design-Award powered by Resopal was presented to the winners. The kitchen designs were assessed in the three catagories (monumental, Boldness in colour and small spaces).

Resopal kitchens are long-lasting and resilient, sturdy, reliable and stylistic. Simply due its high quality they can be inherent part of the interior fittings. Like stones made for a lifetime, timeless beautiful finds its space in the landscape. Ballerina awards the most classy Resopal kitchen in the surface “ceramic”, monumentally integrated in the complete kitchen concept.

Boldness in colour:
In the 50’s the colourful RESOPAL brought colour in the sadness of the postwar period. Today Ballerina asks for “boldness in colour” and awards the best white Resopal kitchen which “shows true colours” in the accessory part and in decorations.

Small Spaces:
The daily challenge of kitchen designers is to create much space, much area and free moving space on smallest ground area. Therefore Ballerina awards the best kitchen concept which uses the small room cleverly.

For the international jury it was not easy to make a decision on the awarding. They focussed on 9 different designs out of all these Original Resopal kitchens. Also the "Best of the Best" Design-Award was presented under the first 3 winners. During the Ballerina VIP-party - which took place on 19th September 2015 - the certificates and trophies were given to the winners coming from several countries.

Congratulations to the award winners 2015

  • place category "Monumental": Frau Angelika Stiegler, Schreinerei Stiegler, 75038 Oberderdingen, Deutschland
  • place category "Monumental"“: Herr Fabrice Nicolas, Pyrotech S.P.R.L, 6061 Montignies-sur-Sambre, Belgien
  • place category "Monumental": Frau Marise Kamel, MK. Cuisines D’allemagne s.a.r.l., RL-0 Beirut, Libanon
  • place category „Boldness in colour“: Herr Helmut Eckl, MEGA Küchenwelt efa & Käufl GmbH, 84030 Landshut, Deutschland
  • place category „Boldness in colour“: Frau Anja Vincentz-Hornburg, Küchen und mehr..., 31224 Peine, Deutschland
  • place category „Boldness in colour“: Frau Marianne Pfeiffer-Hell, Küchen mit Pfiff, 86567 Hilgertshausen, Deutschland
  • place category „Small Spaces“: Herr Björn Thiele, Küchenhalle GmbH, 71364 Winnenden, Deutschland
  • place category „Small Spaces“: Herr Ruud van Heumen, H.W. de Haar Niftrik B.V., 6606 AB Niftrik, Niederlande Frau Beate Mächtel, Emil Schweikert GmbH, 68753 Waghäusel, Deutschland

Press information

Ballerina-Küchen is customer favourite 2016
Deutschland Test” and “FOCUS-Money” certify: Ballerina-Küchen HeinzErwin Ellersiek GmbH is one of the best brands of the country. In a nationwide consumer survey Ballerina-Küchen was awarded with the title “bronze”.

This study examines social media reports of more than 1,000 brands from 82 branches. The experts of the Cologne analysis- and consulting company ServiceValue have studied more than one million sources together with the cooperation of FOCUS-Money. The criterias were price, service, quality and reputation.