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MK Cuisines d’Allemagne, offers superior quality and the latest design trends, which are accentuated by innovative solutions and the highest quality materials.

About MK Cuisines

MK Cuisines d’Allemagne opened in 2010 in direct partnership with the prestigious German manufacturer Ballerina Küchen as one of its most important assets allowing our company to stand out.

This partnership made it feasible to venture into high-end products, perfectly integrated in an innovative and flexible design methodology to suit everyone.
We are the sole authorized agent for Ballerina Küchen in the region and plan to expand in the near future.

Winning 3rd prize in monumental category in germany

For the international jury it was not easy to make a decision on the awarding. They focussed on 9 different designs out of all these Original Resopal kitchens.

Also the "Best of the Best" Design-Award was presented under the first 3 winners. During the Ballerina VIP-party - which took place on 19th September 2015 - the certificates and trophies were given to the winners coming from several countries.

Our Process

3 steps to get your dream kitchen

Meet a Consultant

As a leader in the kitchen design field,MK Cuisines d’Allemagne has been committed to “making kitchens designs that suits your aspirations”.

Our dedicated and experienced team can help you find the latest and most innovative kitchen design tailored to fit your unique taste and requirements.


To design a kitchen which is perfect both aesthetically and functionally, with attention paid to the smallest of details.

It is also to build a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, architects and designers.

Delivery & Fitting

What expects the world from German kitchen manufacturers? Sophisticated engineering, quality and design "Made in Germany" for highest demands. We fulfil these requirements. Each employee is working on that ambition.
Crowned with success - every other Ballerina kitchen is transported in different countries throughout the world. In a lot of countries Ballerina-Küchen acts as a brand name for quality and luxury.